Christopher Hoare Tree Services Ltd has been contracting for the Forestry Commission since 2014. During this time we have carried out a wide range of services and have developed a close working relationship with the commission. Christopher Hoare Tree Services Ltd delivers Arboricultural Contracting & Consultancy services to large portions of the South and South West of England. Christopher Hoare Tree Services Ltd works closely in line with the Forestry Commissions biodiversity programme and aims to manage its produce at the forefront of sustainable management.

What We Offer

We offer a range of comprehensive arboricultural consultancy services. This includes:

Conducting Tree Condition Surveys at a range of Forestry Commission owned or run sites. These include campsites in the Forest and New Park (New Forest Show).

The use of modern internal decay detection equipment (Resistograph & PICUS Tomography).

General Arboricultural advice.

We are also responsible for a 24 hour emergency response services, catering for dangerous trees on Forestry Commission land.

Christopher Hoare Tree Services Ltd assists in woodland and forestry management operations.

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