What is Utility Arboriculture?

Utility Arboriculture represents an estimated £150 million of Arboriculture work in the United Kingdom each year. This consists of tree and vegetation management adjacent to electricity supplies, railways, waterways and telecommunication networks. Utility Arboriculture achieves continuity of supply and a safer environment for the general public. It is essential to maintain a critical infrastructure and is a legal requirement for distribution networks.

What We Offer?

The staff at CHTS have been delivering Specialist Utility Arboriculture solutions for over 15 years. We are approved contractors for Scottish & Southern Electric Power Distribution and UK Power Networks. We now have over 30 staff dedicated to working in the Utility Arboriculture sector across the South and South West coast.

All of our works are delivered within the CHTS Quality Management System which is accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. All CHTS operatives hold NPTC UA certificates of competency in Utility Arboriculture and exceed the industry standards. Our Surveyors that assess all work requirements for Utility Arboriculture sites hold NPTC UA5 qualifications for surveying. Our teams of Utility Arborists are qualified to NPTC UA2-3, hold NPTC Chipper certificates, NPTC Mobile Elevated Work Platform Certificates and Street Works Certificates to ensure that every team is competent to deliver the high standard of service we provide on a daily basis.

CHTS understands that combining a highly skilled service such as Utility Arboriculture with the heavily regulated services of distribution requires a great deal of staff development and investment. CHTS staff are trained and invested in, to ensure they are compliant with a rolling program of continual professional development to ensure that CHTS stay as a leading provider of Utility Arboriculture.

The Equipment Used

CHTS invest in all of the latest equipment available and have a large array of state of the art Mechanical Aid. This reduces manual handling, minimises our carbon footprint and provide a high quality service with cost effective delivery.

Our impressive list of Utility Arboriculture Equipment includes:
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