Christopher Hoare Tree Services Ltd Consultancy Department has over 15 years of experience in the field of practical Arboriculture. Our extensive client base has included the Forestry Commission, Exbury Garden Steam Railway & Estate, CAPITA, Scottish & Southern Energy Plc and many more!

CHTS is now proud to offer a dedicated Consultancy service which caters to both the Domestic and Corporate sectors. Our staff are fully qualified to meet the exacting standards required to deliver a professional service. Insured up to £10,000,000 CHTS is able to carry the responsibility provided by our advice and recommendations offering you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Our aim is to provide a Consultancy relationship which is both personal and professional. We tailor our Consultancy packages according to the requirements of the client making them suitable for single tree application to full woodland management.

Services Provided

We offer a range of comprehensive Arboricultural Consultancy services. These include:

Tree Condition Surveys

Example Tree Condition Survey Map

This is a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) of the tree/s physical condition assessing the structure and health of the tree. Parts assessed include Root's, Tree Stem, Branch Attachment, Crown & Leaves. This information allows a comprehensive evaluation of the tree as a functioning biological organism. Recommendations can then be made to limit the risk of any observed potential hazards and ensure the continued management of the tree/s. Tree Survey's are important to inform Organisations such as Land Owners, Employers, Local Authorities and individuals in regards to public safety.

Tree Hazard Assessment

This is a Survey not dissimilar to a Tree Condition Survey although it is primarily concerned with identifying potential tree related hazard's. Recommendations are made based on risk level and occupancy in order to reduce them to an acceptable level. This form of survey offers a more cost effective means of risk management for owners of large numbers of trees.

BS5837: 2012 Reports

Example Tree Protection Plan

We are able to provide all aspects of the BS5837: 2012 process for delivery into the planning system. CHTS has a range of modern GIS mapping and augmentation software which allows us to accurately plot trees and calculate root protection areas. Our on site flexibility and capabilities allows us to swiftly survey and plot large areas prior to construction and produce appropriate plans for tree protection. All data gathered from this process is compiled into BS5837: 2012 fully compliant itineraries and reports to support the planning process. This service is frequently required when construction or demolition is likely to come into conflict with trees. Consummate advice will be given by our qualified staff to ensure tree safety and also provide a range of solutions to facilitate the construction whilst minimising potential detriment to retained trees.

Tree Reports

This is a means of compiling the information and data gleaned from inspection or assessment into one tailor made and easy to understand report. The types of report we commonly produce include those for Survey's, Tree Constraints, Arboricultural Impact Reports and Arboricultural Method Statement Reports.

Arboricultural Mortgage & Insurance Reports

Tree related subsidence

Arboricultural mortgage reports are often requested by Insurance or Mortgage providers. The purpose of this report is to assess the tree population contained within the property boundary and those within an influencing distance in regards to the potential for direct and indirect damage. The assessments made as a result of this survey will detail any potential hazards relating to trees, recommend remedial action and future management. This form of Arboricultural Survey is usually recommended by property surveyors that are concerned about the relationship between a property and a neighbouring tree/s.

Tree Valuation Reports

Our staff are trained in the use of a range of financial valuation systems which can be applied to attach a monetary value to trees in the instance of their loss. These include the Helliwell System, CAVAT and CTLA. All of these systems are primarily aimed at prescribing a monetary value according to their amenity value and in the context of compensation for loss. This service is aimed at local authorities to support legal proceedings.

Tree Pest & Disease Identification & Advice

Example of Daedalea quercina (tree fungi)

Our Head Consultant (Oliver Lower) has a particular passion for tree pests, decay fungi and other tree pathogens. As a result we are able to provide a consummate tree pest or disease identification service and prescribe the appropriate management options whilst where possible pertaining to the retention of trees. Tree diseases may not be necessarily obvious and are often over looked, many if left unchecked can progress leading to further decline or even structural failure. Spotting these issues at an early stage, assessing them and carrying out suitable yet sympathetic management will often lead to the retention of a tree which may otherwise be removed as a knee jerk response.

TPO & Conservation Area Advice

CHTS prides itself in having a close working relationship with all of the surrounding Council Authorities. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge regarding legal protection afforded to trees. Our experience in this field enables us to effectively support applications for works to trees which are both protected by preservation orders or located in conservation areas. It is often beneficial to seek advice from experienced consultants when dealing with the technical aspects of trees with legal protection, we are able to assist the client in constructing a sound and balanced reason for applying for works on protected trees.

Modern Internal Decay Detection

Example of a Resistograph measurement

CHTS is able to employ a range of modern decay detection equipment, ranging from Resistograph Drills, Picus Tomography and Endoscopy. When used in conjunction with Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) areas of dysfunction can be assessed internally to ascertain their significance. Depending on the results we are able to make a better informed appraisal of their bio-mechanical effect and provide appropriate management options. We aim to provide a cost effective internal decay investigation, tailored to meet the clients individual needs. At CHTS we pride ourselves in providing a swift service, this means we are usually able to produce a Modern Internal Decay Detection Report within 48 hours.

Ancient/Veteran Tree Management

Ancient and Veteran trees are often a direct link back to the original wild wood which once covered most of Great Britain. The heritage, cultural and environmental value of these trees is often over looked. Here at CHTS we pride ourselves in providing a holistic approach to these sensitive ecosystems. We offer a range of management packages which aim to promote and safe guard these valuable assets.

Woodland Management

Trimble GPS

The woodland scene is one of the defining landscape features of Britain. These assets require management to encourage public access (where appropriate) and bio diversity. With careful management a woodland can be made to provide a range of benefits, these may include havens for wildlife, public amenity and an income. At CHTS we offer services that aim to assist the land owner in achieving these goals. A carefully made woodland management plan is one means of doing this.

Planting Design & Critique Service's

We pride ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of trees and the benefits which they afford us. Our experience in a huge range of tree species allows us to select and recommend different trees to suit the needs of the client and site. We also offer a planting scheme critic service for which we use our substantial knowledge to assess pre-existing designs for any discrepancies or potential hazards.

Air Spading


Using our own Air Spade 2000 kit we are able to provide a range of arboriculturaly sensitive options when dealing with trees. Soil displacement technology allows safe excavation of soil in close proximity to tree roots and services. Our operatives are able to carry out soil amelioration, de-compaction, root investigation and excavation for service runs.

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