Do you know the benefits of having trees around you?


Trees reduce work place stress levels and fatigue, calm traffic, reduce patients recovery times and reduce crime rates.


Trees reduce air pollution, improve storm water control, act as carbon storage/offset, improve water quality, reduce energy consumption and act as homes and corridors for wildlife.

What We Offer...

Tree Planting

Choose from an extensive selection of species sourced from local nurseries or seek the advice of our Consultant for the best options regarding the space and growing conditions of the environment.

Weekly Watering & Aftercare

Watering is one of the most important and often neglected aspects of aftercare. Watering should take place weekly depending upon weather conditions and soil draining characteristics. Many factors can have detrimental effect on newly planted or established trees. Figures indicate that mortality rates of 30-50% are common in place in the UK. One form of reducing this statistic is to conduct carefully organised and clearly defined aftercare programs. Such Programs aim to maintain a favourable growing environment by improving or maintaining the tree's growing conditions. A detailed assessment of which shall be made at the time of planting. Water requirements will also be dependant upon the species and size of the tree which is being cared for.

Formative Pruning

This should be carried out in accordance with BS3998 as and when required. This should not be carried out in the first year of the trees establishment. Formative pruning aims to ensure undesirable traits such as a co-dominant stems and crossing branches are avoided, and that an overall balanced and species characteristic form is obtained.

Routine Assessment & Maintenance

Monitoring of the tree/trees shall take place during site visits to carry out the aforementioned tasks. Careful consideration will be given to the trees foliar appearance, leaf density and incremental growth. Field tests may be carried out using a SPAD (Chlorophyll Meter) meter to assess leaf chlorophyll content, although this may not always be practicable. Tree support systems will be checked and adjusted accordingly, damaged or unfit items will be removed or replaced as appropriate. All supporting equipment and accessories will be removed once the tree is fully established (usually 2 growing seasons). Trees will be inspected for pests, diseases and damage caused by humans or mammals. Damage or infestations will be dealt with as soon as practicable. Soil deficiencies characterised by leaf scorching, pale foliage or chlorosis will be rectified with soil additives after careful soil analysis.

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