Crown Liting (for Elmers Court) - Lymington, Hampshire

by Daniel Green

Crown Liting (for Elmers Court) - Lymington, Hampshire

The works to this tree were part of the ongoing commitment to maintaining the gardens and vegetation for Elmers Court in Lymington. In this instance, we had been asked to perform a crown lift to improve the views of the Beaulieu waters from the main lawn and hotel of Elmers Court.

We arranged for a domestic surveyor to attend the site and record their findings and note any works required to these trees, including any specialist equipment that would be needed to complete this job safely. With this information, they were able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

The domestic crew that attended site firstly closed off the area around the tree using cones, signs and barrier tape to prevent any of the hotel and spa users from entering dangerous work zones below and around the tree. Team Leader Jez took the climb and was able to drop the lower limbs of this tree in larger sections thanks to the exclusion zone put in place. Once the limbs had been removed Jez also took the time to tidy up several storm-damaged limbs from the previous winter.

All o the cut timber was removed from site and the smaller timber was processed into woodchip on site and brought back to our waste management facility.