Pollarding and Monolithing (for Amey PLC) - Southampton, Hampshire

by Daniel Green

Pollarding and Monolithing (for Amey PLC) - Southampton, Hampshire

CHTS were asked by Amey PLC to attend a roadside site in Southampton to Pollard and Monolith a group of trees that were starting to disturb and damage a set of service wires.

We arranged for a domestic surveyor to attend the site and record their findings and note any works required to these trees, including any specialist equipment that would be needed to complete this job safely. With this information, they were able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

The domestic team that attended site were able to use basic traffic management on this quiet road to ensure the safety of the team, pedestrians and road users alike. Arborist Rob was able to climb the trees to perform the works and dropped the cut timber in manageable sections to avoid disturbing the wires.

All of the cut timber was processed into woodchip on site and brought back to our waste management facility.