Tree Felling and Site Clearance - Chichester, West Sussex

by Daniel Green

Tree Felling and Site Clearance - Chichester, West Sussex

CHTS were asked to provide a quote for a commercial client that required us to remove a Willow and various other species at a new development site in Chichester, West Sussex. These various species needed to be removed to accommodate the erection of fencing to define the rear gardens at the site. 

We arranged for a domestic surveyor to attend the site and record their findings and note any works required to these trees, including any specialist equipment that would be needed to complete this job safely. With this information, they were able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

A 2 man team attended site to complete the works. Using ground saws they were able to clear the Willow and other species to ground level, making sure to take care as not to get stung by the nettles and brambles at the site.

All of the felled timber was chipped and removed from site.