Vegetation Management (for the Forestry Commission) - Woodlands, New Forest

by Daniel Green

Vegetation Management (for the Forestry Commission) - Woodlands, New Forest

CHTS were asked by the Forestry Commission to provide a quote for various works that were required in a wooded area of woodlands that encompassed a pedestrian footpath and access road. Many of the works were storm damage removals and also the reduction of limbs that posed a threat to pedestrians using the track.

We arranged for a domestic surveyor to attend the site and record their findings and note any works required to these trees, including any specialist equipment that would be needed to complete this job safely. With this information, they were able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

These works spanned several days and the domestic crew that attended site systematically worked along the path to complete their work pack ensuring that the footpath and track were clear of danger.

All of the larger timber that was cut was stacked at the edge of the wooded area for locals to collect and use as firewood, as agreed with the forestry commission. All of the smaller timber was chipped back into the woodland area, creating a nice layer of mulch that would eventually decompose and feed the wooded area.