Crown Lifting and Limb Reduction - Exbury, New Forest

by Daniel Green

Crown Lifting and Limb Reduction - Exbury, New Forest

CHTS were asked by the Exbury Estate to provide a quotation to crown lift and specifically reduce the limbs of many of the roadside Oaks that posed a threat to pedestrians and road users.

We arranged for a domestic surveyor to attend the site and record their findings and note any works required to these trees, including any specialist equipment that would be needed to complete this job safely. With this information, they were able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

When the team arrived on site a simple traffic management area was set up to ensure the safety of the Arborists which included road signs and coned off areas. A groundsman was in place on the road to stop traffic if required and pass on instruction to the Arborist in the tree itself.

All of the wood that was cut was processed into woodchip on site and taken to our specialist waste management facility.