Crown Thinning & Deadwooding - Exbury Gardens, New Forest

by Daniel Green

Crown Thinning & Deadwooding - Exbury Gardens, New Forest

As part of the on going vegetation management at the illustrious Exbury Gardens and Steam Railway we were asked to supply a 3 man team for one week to work on all tree related matters that were deemed too big for the gardens staff to complete.

The works were discussed between John Anderson (Exbury Head Gardener) and Barry Folland (CHTS Domestic Contracts Manager) and a suitable method statement and risk assessment were written for the works.

Each morning of the works Team Leader Henry reported to John for the days tasks. On this particular day the tree that required our attention was a medium sized Oak tree that was on the edge of a busy footpath. The tree had been dropping some minor deadwood.

The Arborists on site climbed the tree and using their silky saws worked their way around the tree to remove any deadwood and lightly crown thinning where required. Team Leader Henry worked as the grounds person making sure the appropriate sign-age and exclusion zones were set in place to ensure the public's safety as well as helping the Arborists identify any sections of tree that need attention.

All of the brash and timber were chipped and removed from site and taken to our waste management facility.