MEWP Sectional Fell - Southampton, Hampshire

by Daniel Green

MEWP Sectional Fell - Southampton, Hampshire

CHTS were instructed by a Commercial client to remove a dead Oak tree from a roadside in Southampton. The tree had serious internal decay and posed an immediate threat to all of the road users.

We firstly arranged for a Surveyor to visit site and determine any specialist equipment or planning that may be required for the completion of the works. With this information the Surveyor was able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

Because of the close nature of the tree to the road it was deemed necessary to have full chapter 8 to control the traffic so that our Team could set up a work zone that stretched into the main road and still keep passing motorists safe.

Using the 18 metre MEWP Team Leader Paul Freeman was able to take this Oak down in smaller sections to a height of 3 metres. At 3 metres Arborist Bevan Alsford-Reed was able to straight fell the remaining stem back into the woodland area.

All arisings were chipped and removed from site and processed at our Waste Management Site whilst sizeable timber was cut into manageable lengths and left stacked at the trees stump.