Stump Grinding - Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire

by Daniel Green

Stump Grinding - Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire

CHTS were instructed by a Domestic client to grind out 3 stumps from within their rear garden.

We firstly arranged for a Surveyor to visit site and determine any specialist equipment or planning that may be required for the completion of the works. Due to the restricted access to the rear garden and the close proximity of the stumps to the fence it was determined that the Rayco Stump Grinder be used.

With this information the Surveyor was able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

Arborists Jez and Dane set out Grinding Guards around the working area to protect the rear garden from the majority of woodchip that gets thrown up from the grinding process. Arborist Dane then proceeded to manually grind out the stumps using the Rayco.

With the stumps ground out all that was left was to back fill any voids using the grindings leaving a clear flower bed. Team Leader Jez was then able to sign off the completed works with the client.