Sectional Dismantle - Milton Abbas, Dorset

by Daniel Green

Sectional Dismantle - Milton Abbas, Dorset

CHTS were instructed by a commercial client to fell several trees that had internal decay and were situated at the top of a steep hill.

We firstly arranged for a Surveyor to visit to check the health and safety of the trees and determine any specialist equipment or planning that may be required for the completion of the works. Many storm damaged trees had already failed in this area giving evidence that the trees in question posed a serious threat.

With this information the Surveyor was able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

Due to this being a secluded site with no public access the Arborists were able to dismantle these trees in large sections. All brash was to be chipped and removed from site. Any timber deemed usable was cut to manageable lengths and stacked at the base of the felled tree for the client to remove at a later date.