Utility Arboriculture - New Forest, Hampshire

by Daniel Green

Utility Arboriculture - New Forest, Hampshire

CHTS were instructed by a commercial client to clear a forest based power line of all vegetation that entered the live zone.

We firstly arranged for a Utility Supervisor to visit to check the health and safety of the trees and determine any specialist equipment or planning that may be required for the completion of the works. With this information they were able to create an appropriate work method statement and risk assessment.

Due to the vegetation entering the live zone it was determined that a power shut down would be required on this stretch of power line to ensure the safety of all the people working on site. This was performed by representatives of the client and signed off by Team Leader Alex Spence.  

With the power shut down the Arborists were able to climb the trees and reduce all of the growth that entered the live zone back to suitable growth points.

Upon completion Team Leader Alex Spence signed off the works as complete and safe and the power was restored to the line.