Tree Felling - New Milton, Hampshire

by Daniel Green

Tree Felling - New Milton, Hampshire

CHTS were instructed by a commercial client to fell several trees at a New Milton based campsite that had been identified as posing significant threat to the campsite users.

A surveyor was sent to site to clarify that the identified trees did pose a significant threat. The two main problems were root heave and also internal decay. With this information the Surveyor was able to create a relevant method statement and risk assessment for the site.

Due to the campsite being closed the Arborists tasked with these works were able to straight fell the trees in question. The brash was to be chipped and removed from site but the main stems were to be cut to manageable lengths to be removed by the client at a later date.

With the works completed the team returned to Head Office to dispose of the woodchip at our designated Waste Control Area.