Visual Tree Assessment & Surveying - Brockenhurst, Hampshire

by Daniel Green

Visual Tree Assessment & Surveying - Brockenhurst, Hampshire

CHTS were instructed by a commercial client to perform a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) on all the trees at Hollands Wood Campsite in Brockenhurst.

We firstly discussed with our client the scope of works and the site plan to better understand the level of detail that they required. It was determined that all noted problems should be categorised into immediate attention required, attention required within 6 months, attention required within 12 months and presented in a Tree Survey.

Surveyor/Consultant Oliver Lower was tasked with performing the VTA and noting all defects found in the trees on site and how much threat they posed. This was done using knock tests and Resistograph tests before tagging each tree for future management of the site.

The correlated data was brought back to the CHTS office and typed up before being presented back to our client in the form of a Tree Survey.