Deadwooding - Pine - Lepe

by Daniel Green

Deadwooding - Pine - Lepe

CHTS were instructed by a domestic client to deadwood a Pine tree located in close proximity to a garden walkway and situated at the top of a small cliff next to Lepe beach.

We firstly arranged for a qualified Surveyor to visit site and produce a free quotation, check the health and safety of the tree and determine any specialist equipment that may be required for the completion of the works.

The initial site visit highlighted the following issues:

  • The tree was situated at the top of a small cliff next to Lepe beach
  • The tree was located in close proximity to a garden walkway

It was determined by the Surveyor that due to the location of the tree, weather would have an impact as to whether the Tree Surgeons would be able to climb the lower crown.

Once the quotation had been accepted by the client, the Administrative Team contacted New Forest National Park Authority to check the tree for Tree Preservation Orders or if the tree fell within a Conservation Area. These checks come back negative allowing us to proceed with the works.

Team Leader Henry Rule monitored the weather throughout the day and determined that it was too windy to safely climb the tree. An onsite adjustment was made to the risk assessment to protect all of those working on the tree. It was decided that using a Utility Pole Saw would allow the Tree Surgeons the appropriate access to the lower crown that they required to complete this task.    

Swapping at regular intervals, Henry’s 3 man team made short work of the deadwood in the lower crown. By rotating the duties involved the 3 man team were able to avoid over straining and fatiguing themselves.

When the team were satisfied that the tree had been cut sufficiently, the works were signed off by the client and specialist equipment returned to our head office.